I’m Graeme Hunter, I’m based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and I’ve been building websites for over 25 years.

I’ve got a solid background in retail originally, from the shop floor to the head office. I’ve done tech support and development for internal and external clients, developed websites for myself, for local businesses and at the corporate level.

I worked for Nominet UK (the UK domain name registrar) for nearly 20 years, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience of domain names, and dealing with internet service providers (ISPs).

I’m skilled at sorting out a problem website for a client, moving to a new platform, figuring out what the state of a site is after someone has been left in the lurch by their old tech person.

Whether it’s your website, your overall online presence, or using tech in your business, I can help you find the right solution for you.